These pearls are real is a poetry book of musings. The author covered various topics: childhood memories, abuse, love, heartbreak, struggling with self image, police brutality, the facade of the strong black woman.

My favorite poem of all was the one called When the Student Teaches. In this poem she describes a self assured girl named Jada who is poised, graceful,  and intelligent. Jada and everything about her aura commands the respect and admiration of even the rowdiest boys in the classroom. Her teacher observing all of the interactions wishes that more of our black girls, including herself, knew their power and worth earlier in life like Jada.

I am proud, 

Then suddenly, slightly sad 

more of our girls don’t, 

that I didn’t, 

have Jada’s style, her grace. 

A Daughter Speaks was a powerful poem that played off one of my favorite poems by Langston Hughes called Mother to Son.

Life for us in America

Still ain’t no crystal stair 

Those that wear the mark of the beast still thirst for our blood. 

In lieu of cowhide, they whip out cellphones and dial 911.

I love how diverse this collection of poems is and I think every black woman will find a poem in this collection that resonates with her. If you are looking for something different, give this poetry book a shot!! It’s a short work, but profound.


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